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[ 805KIT ]


Active field extender for mobile phone


The 805KIT kit is an efficient micro-repeater / field extender-wire dual band operating in the GSM
900 MHz and 2100 MHz 3G-UMTS . It allows to extend the signal GSM voice and GPRS / EDGE data
and UMTS-3G from the outside (roof) where it needs to be present with a good level, towards the
inside of the building where it is low or absent, with coverage up to 800-1000 sqm. It can be applied
typically in homes, offices, hotels, industrial buildings, tunnels, underground car parks, shops or
restaurants. The article is mono-provider and uses external directional panel antenna with high gain
(14dBi) with radiation lobe of 60-70 ° oriented on provider cell or more operators within the angle of
the radiation lobe.

The kit 805KIT includes:

  • 1 dual band amplifier 65 dB
  • 1 Power supply 230 Vac
  • 1 outdoor high gain directional antenna with lobe 60-70 °
  • 1 indoor wall patch antenna
  • 2 coaxial cables 10 mt with assembled connectors (cables with a diameter of 5mm, white colour,
  • with male TNC connectors Ø15mm assembled for easy insertion in pipes)

There are available two more cables with different length:

  1. 805M20 - 20m
  2. 805M33 - 33m
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***Indoor antenna***
Gain (dBi): 10 (@850-960 MHz) - 12 (@1700-2200 MHz)
Coverage: 180° (@850-960 MHz) -160° (@1700-2200 MHz)
Polarization: VERTICAL
Connectors:TNC female
Impedance:50 Ohm
Fissaggio: a muro – staffa di fissaggio inclusa
Dimensions (mm): L 255 x P 80 x H 145
***Outdoor antenna***
Frequency: 850-960 MHz e 1800-2170 MHz
Gain: 14 dBi
Polarization: VERTICAL
Connectors:N female
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Dimensions (mm): L 310 x H 365 x P 90
***Dual band amplifier***
GSM downlink: 935-960 MHz
GSM uplink:890 – 915 MHz
UMTS downlink: 2110-2170 MHz
UMTS uplink: 1920 – 1980 MHz
Gain: 65 dB
IN/OUT impedance:50 Ohm
Connectors:TNC female
Indoor Installation:amplifier and power supply