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[ 87317T2 ]

Misuratore di campo "Tablet"

Modello 7" touch screen, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2


The tablet device is available in two versions:

"PRO" - fast and efficient: it is a full meter performing precise measurements of TV / SAT / CABLE signals, analyzing the noise signals, carrying out tests to the sockets and saving all measurements on USB stick.

"LIGHT" – ideal for the antenna pointing. The menu contains functions such as Checksat, echo interval guard, spectrum and single frequency analysis.

Spectrum analysis and measurements are immediate. The display shows measurements in figures and graphic with color differences that classify the signal quality. On the top panel, there are 2 USB interfaces for firmware update and for the transfer of data relating to measurements to a PC (in © Excel). This function is for the PRO model (code 87317T2) only.

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Characteristics87316T2 87317T2
Bandwidth 5÷2200 MHz45-2200 MHzOK
DVB-T, DVB-T2, full measurement ˜ ˜OKOK
DVB-S, DVB-S2 (QPSK,8PSK), full measurement ˜ ˜OKOK
DVB-C (45-865MHz / J83A) - ˜ - ˜OK
Identification of the cell ˜ ˜OKOK
Checksat mode and SAT acknowledgement (NIT) ˜ ˜OKOK
Free TV programs HD - DVB-T/T2 ˜ ˜OKOK
Free TV programs HD - DVB-S/S2 ˜ ˜OKOK
Free TV programs HD - DVB-C - ˜ - ˜OK
Real time echoes DVB-T /T2 ˜ ˜OKOK
DiseqC 1.2 - SCR Unicable - DCSS ˜ ˜OKOK
Calculation of noise margin and link margin ˜ ˜OKOK
Map of the measurements and storage on USB - ˜ - ˜OK
All measurements can be stored on USB - ˜ - ˜OK
Remote Power Supply 5V/13V/18V/24V ˜ ˜OKOK
Constellation diagram for DVB-T/T2,DVB-S/S2,DVB-C - ˜ - ˜OK
USB Interface ˜ ˜OKOK
Free software update ˜OKOK