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"APK" series - Special Amplifiers

[ 83542PK ]

Mast amplifiers with pass-stop filters


These special mast amplifiers (PK Series) are designed for maximum operating efficiency in areas where reception of TV signals is complicated or subject to interference. In particular, these products simplify the reception of out of band signals when they are transmitted by a dedicated workstation, without sacrificing the rest of the UHF band, received from another direction. According to the signal features, the installers can order the model that best suits their needs between versions with pass / stop channel (indicating calibration needed) or the article with cuts and special band pass / stop channel 40 . The models with pass / stop channel, are indicated for 3 and 4 channels. However, if we consider the adjacent, you can calibrate for a greater number of channels. The range includes products that also differ in the values ​​of gain and output level, all with shell and water-proof connectors with shielded clamp.

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Code LTE FreeArticle Inputs No BandsGain VHF/UHF [dB]Output Level VHF/UHF [dBµV]AdjNoise Figure VHF / UHF [ dB ]Output NoPower SupplyConsumption
83532PKAAPK322A3BIII; 21÷30+ch.40; 32÷60-ch.4022 / 22110/110153 / 41
83532PKAPK3223BIII; 21÷40; UHF-4ch22 / 22110/110153 / 41
83533PKAPK3303BIII; 21÷40; UHF-4ch30 / 30115/115153 / 41
83542PKAPG320A3BIII; 4Ch. 21÷40; UHF-4ch20 / 20105/110153 / 41
83543PKAPK330B3BIII; 4Ch. 21÷40; UHF-4ch30 / 30115/115153 / 41
83533AK3BIII; 3Ch. 21÷40; UHF-3ch30 / 30115/115203 / 41230V±10% 50Hz5.2 W
83543AK3BIII; 4Ch. 21÷40; UHF-4ch30 / 30115/115203 / 41230V±10% 50Hz5.2 W