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[ 83521AL ]

White Line

Die-casting mechanics


New range of indoor auto-supplied head-ends with built-in switching power supply. Amplifyer shileded by die-casting mechanics. Adjustment of the input signals by attenuators or potentiometers and remote power supply from single inputs by inside jumpers. Various versions available with amplification up to 30 dB and maximum output level from 114 to 117 dBμV. Ideal for the DTT signal distribution in small apartment buildings.


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Code LTE FreeArticle Inputs No BandsGain VHF/UHF [dB]Output Level VHF/UHF [dBµV]AdjNoise Figure VHF / UHF [ dB ]Output NoSupplyConsumption
83519ALCW4204BIII, B.IV, B.V, UHF20/20108/1140...153/71230V±10% 50Hz1.5 W
83520ALCW3303BIII, UHF, UHF30/30108/1140...153/71230V±10% 50Hz2.2 W
83521ALCW4304BIII, B.IV, B.V, UHF30/30108/1140...153/71230V±10% 50Hz2.2 W
83523ALCW320A3BIII, B.IV, B.V20/20108/1140...153/41230V±10% 50Hz1.5W
83525ALCW330A3BIII, B.IV, B.V30/30108/1140...153/51230V±10% 50Hz2.2 W
82452LCW4334BIII, BIV, BV, UHF30/30110/1170...203/81230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W
82454LCW3333BIII, BIV, BV30/30110/1170...203/51230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W
82455L CW433A4FM, BIII, UHF, UHF30/30110/1170...203/71230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W
82459LCW333A3BIII, UHF, UHF30/30110/1170...203/81230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W
82462LCW1331BIII + UHF30/30110/1170...203/41230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W
82462AGCW133AG1Log o BIII, UHF30/30110/1170...20 VHF, AGC UHF3/41230V±10% 50Hz2.7 W