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[ 81XT2VPS ]

SAT & TV die-casting plugs



Cover for TV plugs - 2 holes

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CodeMatching seriesCodeMatching series
81XT2TMTicino Magic ┬«81XT2VACVimar Ark├Ę Chiara ┬«
81XT2TITicino Living International ®81XT2ABAve System 45 ® Blanc
81XT2THTicino Light ®81XT2ANAve System 45 ® Noir
81XT2LTTicino Light Tech ®81XT2AQAve System 45 ® Banquise
81XT2TXTicino Matix ®81XT2ARAve System 45 ® Ral
81XT2TTTicino Magic TT ®81XT2ADAve System 44 Domus ®
81XT2TATicino Axolute bianca ®81XT2ALAve System 44 Life ®
81XT2TACTicino Axolute chiara ®81XT2LCLegrand Cross Bianco ®
81XT2TASTicino Axolute scura ®81XT2LVBLegrand Vela Bianco ®
81XT2TLTicino Living Classic ®81XT2LVGLegrand Vela Grigio ®
81XT2LUTicino Luna ®81XT2GPGewiss Playbus ®
81XT2VBVimar Idea ® Bianca81XT2GWGewiss System White ®
81XT2VNVimar Idea ® Nera81XT2GBGewiss System Black ®
81XT2V8Vimar 8000 ®81XT2GCBGewiss Corus Bianco ®
81XT2VPVimar Plana ®81XT2GCNGewiss Corus Nero ®
81XT2VPSVimar Plana silver ®81XT2GCTGewiss Corus Titanio ®
81XT2VEVimar Eikon scura ®81XT2ABCAbb Chiara ®
81XT2VECVimar Eikon chiara ®81XT2ABEAbb Elos ®
81XT2VENVimar Eikon Next ®81XT2ABMAbb Milos Bianca ®
81XT2VARVimar Ark├Ę ┬«81XT2AMNAbb Milos Nera ┬«