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[ 81859 ]

Inductive splitters and taps

Taps Micro line


A complete series of SAT+TV taps realised in die casting mechanics. Available with 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 outputs and with different attenuation values, they are suitable for big analogue or digital terrestrial distributions or mixed distributions. The small sizes and the vertical connectors allow installation in uncomfortable conditions and in the smallest boxes. Frequency range: 5÷2400 MHz

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CodeModelTapsTap loss Tv dBTap loss Sat dBInsertion loss Tv dB Insertion loss Sat dB Uncoupling out/tap dBUncoupling tap/tap dB Dimensions
81859DV1/10110┬▒0.510┬▒0.52.0÷2.22.4÷3.028÷22-48 x 35 x 28
81861DV1/14114┬▒114┬▒11.5÷1.71.7÷2.828÷22-48 x 35 x 28
81863DV1/18118┬▒118┬▒11.2÷1.51.5÷1.832÷25-48 x 35 x 28
81865DV1/22122┬▒122┬▒11.2÷1.41.5÷1.735÷25-48 x 35 x 28
81869DV2/10210┬▒0.510┬▒0.53.9÷4.14.2÷4.420÷2025÷2548 x 35 x 28
81871DV2/14214┬▒114┬▒13.0÷3.23.2÷3.425÷2040÷3248 x 35 x 28
81873DV2/18218┬▒118┬▒12.0÷2.42.5÷2.730÷2245÷3548 x 35 x 28
81875DV2/22222┬▒122┬▒12.0÷2.32.4÷2.645÷2555÷4048 x 35 x 28
81879DV4/12412┬▒112┬▒14.5÷4.94.9÷5.325÷2520÷2270 x 35 x 28
81881DV4/14414┬▒114┬▒14.0÷4.44.5÷5.028÷2520÷2270 x 35 x 28
81883DV4/18418┬▒118┬▒12.5÷2.93.0÷3.335÷2322÷2270 x 35 x 28
81885DV4/22422┬▒122┬▒11.0÷1.51.5÷1.935÷2522÷2270 x 35 x 28
81891DV6/16616┬▒2.016┬▒2.54.2÷4.95.0÷7.520÷2020÷2092 x 35 x 28
81893DV6/20620┬▒2.020┬▒2.52.5÷2.93.0÷5.220÷2020÷2092 x 35 x 28
81895DV6/25625┬▒2.025┬▒3.51.5÷2.02.0÷4.020÷2020÷2092 x 35 x 28
81811DV8/16816┬▒2.016┬▒2.54.2÷4.95.0÷7.520÷2020÷20111 x 35 x 28
81813DV8/20820┬▒2.020┬▒2.52.5÷2.93.0÷5.220÷2020÷20111 x 35 x 28
81815DV8/25825┬▒2.025┬▒3.51.5÷2.02.0÷4.020÷2020÷20111 x 35 x 28