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[ 81984 ]

Inductive taps

Taps Omnitech line


Sat+TV signal taps suitable for analogue and digital signal distribution and for centralised installations. A complete range of taps widely used in complex installations thanks to their versatility and possibility of choice among various values of attenuation. They are offered with different output numbers, all made in die -casting mechanics with F connectors all assembled on the same side to allow connection also in very small cases. Frequency range: 5÷2400 MHz

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CodeModelTapsTap loss Tv dBTap loss Sat dBInsertion loss Tv dBInsertion loss Sat dBUncoupling out/tap dBUncoupling tap/tap dBDimensions
81960DO1/818┬▒18┬▒1.52.5÷3.03.0÷4.323÷22 -53 x 66 x 27
81962DO1/12112┬▒112┬▒1.51.2÷2.02.1÷2.632÷25 -53 x 66 x 27
81964DO1/15115┬▒115┬▒1.51.0÷1.41.5÷2.035÷25 -53 x 66 x 27
81966DO1/20120┬▒120┬▒1.51.0÷1.41.5÷1.840÷28 -53 x 66 x 27
81968DO1/25125┬▒125┬▒11.0÷1.41.5÷1.845÷32 -53 x 66 x 27
81969DO2/828┬▒18┬▒1.53.3÷3.73.8÷4.723÷1840÷2853 x 66 x 27
81970DO2/12212┬▒1.212┬▒1.52.8÷3.13.3÷4.525÷2040÷3053 x 66 x 27
81972DO2/15215┬▒1.215┬▒1.52.5÷3.03.1÷3.825÷2145÷3053 x 66 x 27
81974DO2/20220┬▒1.220┬▒1.51.8÷2.22.3÷3.330÷2260÷3253 x 66 x 27
81976DO2/25225┬▒1.225┬▒1.81.2÷1.51.6÷2.935÷2823÷2253 x 66 x 27
81979DO4/10410┬▒110┬▒1.54.2÷4.54.7÷6.328÷2523÷2175 x 66 x 27
81980DO4/15415┬▒1.215┬▒1.52.8÷3.33.5÷4.830÷2523÷2175 x 66 x 27
81982DO4/20420┬▒1.220┬▒1.51.0÷2.02.2÷2.945÷2523÷2175 x 66 x 27
81984DO4/25425┬▒1.225÷1.51.0÷1.51.7÷2.345÷2023÷2175 x 66 x 27