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[ 81665 ]

Inductive taps

Taps PlugIN


SAT+TV signal taps, ideal for analogue and digital signal installations. The range includes 3 versions with different number of tap outputs. Each model is available with different attenuation values to realize complex installations as well. Die-casting mechanics is endowed with screened clamps to reduce to the minimum the size and allow housing also in very small boxes.


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CodeModelTapsTap loss Tv dBTap loss Sat dBInsertion loss Tv dBInsertion loss Sat dBUncoupling out/tap dBUncoupling tap/tap dBDimensions
81659D1/818┬▒0,58┬▒0,52,0÷2,22,4÷3,323÷22-42 x 17 x 27
81661D1/12112┬▒0,512┬▒0,51,7÷1,91,9÷2,532÷25-42 x 17 x 27
81663D1/16116┬▒1,016┬▒1,01,3÷1,61,6÷2,035÷24-42 x 17 x 27
81665D1/20120┬▒1,020┬▒1,00,8÷1,21,3÷1,840÷28-42 x 17 x 27
81671D2/12212┬▒1,012┬▒1,02,0÷2,22,3÷3,1-25÷2040÷3042 x 17 x 27
81673D2/16216┬▒1,016┬▒1,01,5÷2,02,1÷2,7-25÷2145÷3042 x 17 x 27
81675D2/20220┬▒1,020┬▒1,01,3÷1,61,7÷2,3-30÷2260÷3242 x 17 x 27
81679D4/12412┬▒1,012┬▒1,03,7÷4,04,1÷4,7-28÷2523÷2162 x 17 x 32
81681D4/16416┬▒1,016┬▒1,02,0÷2,52,7÷4,0-30÷2523÷2162 x 17 x 32
81683D4/20420┬▒1,020┬▒1,01,2÷1,51,7÷2,2-45÷2523÷2162 x 17 x 32
81685D4/24424┬▒1,024┬▒1,01,3÷1,31,5÷2,045÷2023÷2162 x 17 x 32