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[ 83100L ]

Mast mixers



Thanks to the wide range of models managing and combining TV and FM signals is very easy. All mixers and signal couplers are completely screened, endowed with F connectors and realized with high quality components to guarantee low insertion loss and high selectivity. The range is completed by channel filters, screened with F connectors and projected for a correct mixing of the single channels (max 3) received by secondary or added repeaters. The anti-shock plastic case is weatherproof.


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CodeArticle Inputs No BandsInsertion Loss VHF/UHF [dB]Output NoReturn Loss [ dB ]
83100L M2L 2VHF, UHF (21-60)0,5 / 0,71< -14
83101CE M2T 2BV + Tr 43, Log3,5 / 4,01< -14
83101AL M2AL 2UHF (21-60), Log (5-60)3,5 / 4,01< -14
83102CE M22 2VHF, UHF3,5 / 4,02< -14
83109CE M32 3VHF, UHF, UHF3,5 / 6,02< -14
83110CE M3 3VHF, UHF, UHF0,5 / 4,01< -14
83110L M3L 3VHF, UHF(21-60), UHF(21-60)0,5 / 4,01< -14
83120CE M3A 3VHF, BIV, BV0,5 / 0,71< -14