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[ 87405C ]

A/V PLL mono and stereo modulators


Devices for RF modulation and distribution of Audio Video signals coming from different sources (digital receivers,
telecameras, etc). Among the various uses of these items the employ for the satellite signal distribution to all
the household sockets, without additional cables. As a matter of fact, thanks to remote power supply, this
modulator can be used to realize an installation that can send to the TV head-end the re-modulated sat signal
by the same downward dish cable.
• PLL VHF-UHF modulator with dip switch for the selection of the channels (otherwise items 87409 and
87416S are is endowed with buttons and display)
• Three output levels (75 dBμV for 87405C, 85 dBμV for 87409 and 90 dBμV adj. for 87407C, 87417S and 87416S)
• Auto-mixing circuit
• Possibility of power supply by outside (with power supply 87400C except items 87409, 87417S and 87416S
that are self-powered) or by coaxial cable.
• Harmonic suppression filter
• Adjustable amplified audio

• stereo audio
• 2 scart sockets for AV signal drawing

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CodeVersionBandChannelsPower supply VOutput level dBmVSize mm
87405Cmono / rcaVHF/CATV/HIPER/UHF38.9 MHz E2...E12 S2...S10/S11...S20 S21...S38 21...699 ÷ 24 Vcc75 reg.93x52x26
87407Cmono / rcaVHF/CATV/HIPER/UHF38.9 MHz E2...E12 S2...S10/S11...S20 S21...S38 21...709 ÷ 24 Vcc75÷90 reg.93x52x27
87416Sstereo/scartVHF/CATV/HIPER/UHF38.9 MHz E2...E12 S2...S10/S11...S20 S21...S38 21...719 ÷ 24 Vcc85 reg.110x95x25
87409mono / rcaVHF/CATV/B.S/UHFE2...E12 / S11...S20 / 21...69220 Vac75÷85 reg.75x118x47
CodeTypeConnectorInput VoltageOutput VoltageLoad Current
87400CPower supply3,5 mm mono (TS)230 V - 50Hz12V150mA
87408AdapaterScart - ScartSample 2 RCA for A/V
87408CAdapaterScart - RCA S-VHS for select signal