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[ 80394K ]

Head-end and cascadable system multiswitches

5 SAT input multiswitches


The Matrix series includes high-tech products, made with components that ensure high level of performance.

The range consists of multiswitch with 4, 6, 8 and 12 outputs and can be used for both radial and cascade distributions.
Using the plug-in connectors cod. 80315M (or 80315ME), you can merge multiple multiswitch to form a central head with the number of desired outputs.
Each model is available in the active version for satellite frequency (passive for TV signals) and through terminal, or passive version with two different attenuation values for satellite and TV.
By acting on dip switches it is possible to attenuate 10 dB satellite signal independently for each output. This solution allows you to equalize sat signals on all sockets even if connected to the same multiswitch.

The power to the LNB and multiswitch is provided directly by the connected receivers. In the same system can be used simultaneously multiswitch with 4 and 5 cables.
Accessories such as the injectors, the dividers, the shunts and the amplifiers can be used with all series.

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CodeTypeInputsOutputsTapsTap loss dBThrough loss dBIsolation SAT/TV dBConsumption mA
80394Kactive1 (TV)+54- 14< 2.53050
80394Kloop-through4 (Sat)0< 1.2
80394K5passive1 (TV)+54-14< 2.53050
80394K5loop-through4 (Sat)-14< 1.2
80394K10passive1 (TV)+54-20< 2.53050
80394K10loop-through4 (Sat)-20< 1.2
80394KTactive1 (TV)+ -4-10 -3050
80394KTterminal4 (Sat)0 -
80396Kactive1 (TV)+56-14< 2.53050
80396Kloop-through4 (Sat)0< 1.3
80396K5passive1 (TV)+56-14< 2.53050
80396K5loop-through4 (Sat)-14< 1.3
80396K10passive1 (TV)+56-20< 2.53050
80396K10loop-through4 (Sat)-20< 1.3
80396KTactive1 (TV)+ -6-10 -3050
80396KTterminal4 (Sat)0 -
80398Kactive1 (TV)+58-14< 2.53050
80398Kloop-through4 (Sat)0< 1.2
80398K5passive1 (TV)+58-14< 2.53050
80398K5loop-through4 (Sat)-14< 1.2
80398K10passive1 (TV)+58-20< 2.53050
80398K10loop-through4 (Sat)-20< 1.2
80398KTactive1 (TV)+ -8-10 -3050
80398KTterminal4 (Sat)0 -
80392Kactive1 (TV)+512-18< 2.53050
80392Kloop-through4 (Sat)0< 2.5
80392K5passive1 (TV)+512-18< 2.53050
80392K5loop-through4 (Sat)-18< 2.5
80392K10passive1 (TV)+512-23< 2.53050
80392K10loop-through4 (Sat)-23< 2.5
80392KTactive1 (TV)+ -12-15 -3050
80392KTterminal4 (Sat)0 -