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Hot-galvanized telescopic masts

[ 449 ]

HOT-GALVANIZED telescopic masts


A complete range of telescopic masts meeting every requirement of installation. Various diameters and thicknesses are available. Thanks to the special hot-galvanized finish these products assure remarkable long-lasting performances.


Suggestions of use: for TV aerial and dish installation, they are easy to install and to transport. They allow the positioning of the components on different level of heights.

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CodeLenght mtDiameter Ø mmThickness mmPackage
4494(m 2+2) - Ø 30-2515
4396(m 2x3) - Ø 35-30-2513
4408(m 2x4) - Ø 40-35-30-2513
44310(m 2x5) - Ø 45-40-35-30-2512
449RE4(m 2+2) - Ø 30-251,55
439RE6(m 2x3) - Ø 35-30-251,53
440RE8(m 2x4) - Ø 40-35-30-251,52
443RE10(m 2x5) - Ø 45-40-35-30-251,52
449R4(m 2+2) - Ø 35-301,53
439R6(m 2x3) - Ø 40-35-301,52
440R8(m 2x4) - Ø 45-40-35-301,52
443R10(m 2x5) - Ø 50-45-40-35-301,52
443R3510(m 2x5) - Ø 55-50-45-40-351,51
449R24(m 2+2) - Ø 28-3521
439R26(m 2x3) - Ø 28-35-4221