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[ 81942 ]

Accessories for antenna dipole

Antennas amplifiers


This amplifier has been especially studied for direct UHF antenna dipole application. Thanks to the excellent compromise between maximum output level and noise figure, it can be employed either as a pre amplifier or in presence of uncritical signals to increase its level up to serve installations with few sockets. Remotely power supplied at 12V or 5V and fully screened.

New: New plug-in amplifier for UHF antennas cod. 81942AG with automatic gain control.

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ChannelCodeArticleInputsBandGainOutput levelNoise figureOutputsPower supply
21..6981942AD121 F/mUHF12 dB108 dBμV1,9 dB1 F/f12 V / 22 mA
21..6081942AGADAG1 F/mUHF16 dB112 dBμV2,5 dB1 F/f12V - 24V / 50 mA
21..6081942LAD12L1 F/mUHF12 dB108 dBμV1,9 dB1 F/f12 V / 22 mA
5..6981942LBAD12A1 F/mVHF+UHF12 dB106 dBμV1,9 dB1 F/f12 V / 22 mA
5..6081942LBLAD12AL1 F/mVHF+UHF12 dB106 dBμV1,9 dB1 F/f12 V / 22 mA
21..6981943AD51 F/mUHF15 dB108 dBμV2,0 dB1 F/f5V / 50 mA
5..6981943LBAD121 F/mVHF+UHF15 dB106 dBμV2,0 dB1 F/f5V / 50 mA
Dipolo filtrato per antenne UHF
21..6045DFBDipolo con filtro LTE per antenne UHF ad alto guadagno